About us

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ASD Systems is a Polish manufacturer of innovative vending devices. Our mission is to optimize stock management in the companies of our Clients through our original, fully automated vending machines.

Our automated devices enable goods-to-person warehousing and are designed for every type of goods, including safety products (PPE), tools, ancillary materials, office supplies and consumables – everything that generates cost in production companies and should be under control.

Both ASD Systems devices and IDS software are produced and developed in our principal place of business in Bielsko-Biała. Our know-how, gained while conducting various projects of automatic distribution applications guarantees selection and implementation of the most effective solutions.

Result – elimination of downtime and savings of up to 50%

  • 24h/7 availability – products can be picked up irrespective of warehouse working hours
  • Stocks under control – reduction in stock and thorough product flow monitoring
  • Drop in the consumption of products by up to 50% – through full control over the distribution process and the option to set up individual limits for each employee
  • Immediate generation of reports – the option to create cross-reference lists useful for purchasing, work safety, controlling and accounting departments
  • Simplification of supplies – constant access to current stock level
  • Saving time – minimizing time necessary for the collection of products by employees
  • No error – access to each product is assigned to individual employees based on department