Vending Machine D1080


The D1080 automated machine is a self-service machine capable of automatically distributing up to 1080 different products. Its construction is based on a rotary drum and it thus enables clients to store a large volume of goods with in a small area. Intuitive management is provided through a display with 15 touch sensitive buttons. Through the patented compartment scanning system, loading of the compartments is both fast and easy. You can connect a bar code reader and an auxiliary machine without a user panel.
Compartment adjustment function

The impressive capacity of the machine is achieved through the compartment adjustment function, which provides up to 9 configuration options. The shelves can be of different sizes. Easily regulated compartments enable clients to adjust the capacity of the machine to meet a clients current needs whenever necessary.


3 loading options

The machine offers 3 loading options.

  1. Loading through an open door. An ideal solution for loading a large volume of the same type of Products.
  2. Loading products piece by piece through small windows on the front of the machine. (Recommended where a machine has many different products of various types)
  3. Loading using the innovative patented compartment scanning system that automatically detects already loaded compartments.(Considerably reduces the time necessary for loading the machine)

Technical parameters

Height (mm) 1915
Width (mm) 805
Depth (mm) 790

Capacity (chamber/one shelf type)

150 x 270 mm 90
75 x 270 mm 180
150 x 170 mm 135
150 x 80mm or 75 x 170 mm 270
75 x 80 mm 540
80 x 50 mm 810


Operating temperature (°C) 5-40
Weight (kg) 400
Electricity consumption (Watt) Standby -15 /operation -150
Voltage (V) 230/1A
Permissible load (kg) 275